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Acrymirror Business

Acrymirror Department

Manufacture and distribution of acrylic & PC mirrors, including full mirror, half mirror with both reflective and see-through functions, and optical coating products with anti-reflection and other optical features.

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Acrytone Floor

Chemical Products Business

Acrysirup Department

Manufacture and distribution of materials for coated floors, road repairs, and aesthetic paving, etc., based on metacrylate resin curing technology and functionalization technologies.

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KAITEKI Environment Business

Skylights Department

・Solaris is neither an electric light nor a skylight.

・It is a system that automatically tracks the sun and uses prisms to shine sunlight in between buildings.

Acrytec Department

(1) Design and technical support, (2) manufacture and processing, (3) installation and construction support, and (4) scratch removal and other panel maintenance of “aquarium panels,” “laboratory equipment” and other products, leveraging the workability and durability of acrylic resins to create curved, cylindrical, and large-panel forms with a thickness of 20 mm or more.
Consult with us about the possibilities of acrylic resins.
We will design and manufacture each panel to your individual requirements.