Site Policy

In using the RYOKO website, you are asked to acknowledge the following.

1. Indemnity regarding appropriateness of posted information

  1. All due care has been exercised in posting the information published on this website onto the web server, but there may be cases of inaccuracies in the contents.
  2. RYOKO makes every effort possible to update the information published on this website, but cannot guarantee that the information is always the most up-to-date information available.
  3. RYOKO reserves the right to amend or delete the contents and URLs contained in this website without notice as necessary.
  4. RYOKO reserves the right to suspend or cancel the provision of information on this website without notice as necessary.
  5. Other websites with links to this website are managed by their respective administrators. RYOKO has no involvement whatsoever in the management of such websites.
  6. For the reasons stated in the preceding items, RYOKO cannot accept liability for any detriment that may arise due to the use of this website.

2. Copyright of Contents

  1. Copyright of the contents (information, images, photographs, etc.) of this website is held by RYOKO or its affiliates, unless otherwise specified.
  2. The contents of this website may only be reproduced or downloaded for purposes that are not for profit and that are for private and personal use within the limitations permitted by law.
  3. Regarding trademark rights and copyright, etc. held by third parties, such as other companies’ trademarks or software, please refer to the terms of use and licenses specified by the respective rights holders.

3. The following acts are prohibited on this website.

  1. Changing, altering, or deleting content.
  2. Supplying harmful programs.
  3. Acts that will or have the potential to cause detriment to RYOKO or damage to its credibility.

4. Links to this website

If you wish to set up a link to this website, you must acknowledge your understanding of the conditions below and make an application in advance. RYOKO accepts no liability for any detriment that may be caused to you by setting up a link to this website.

Conditions for Setting up Links
When setting up a link to this website, please adhere to the following.

  • As a general rule, please ensure that the link is to If you wish to link to any other directories, please advise same when submitting your application.
  • Links from frames on your website or other methods that give the mistaken impression that the contents of this website form part of your website are prohibited.
  • The company logo and website title design may not be used as link buttons, etc. on your website. Please use text links only, namely “株式会社菱晃”, “菱晃”, “Ryoko”, or “Ryoko Co., Ltd.”

Grounds for Refusal
Links from websites that fall under any of the following are prohibited.

  • Websites that contain slander and defamation of RYOKO or RYOKO products or that are damaging to the reputation and credibility of RYOKO and RYOKO products
  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals
  • Websites that include illegal contents or that are related to illegal acts
  • Websites that include sexual content

RYOKO reserves the right to refuse links from any other websites it considers to be unsuitable.

If, upon acknowledgement of the above conditions, you wish to set up a link, please apply for permission by clicking on the Inquiry Form link below, checking the “About website” button, and filling in the URL of the website where the link will be set up as well as the required information about the website manager.

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Note: These Terms of Use are revised on occasion. It is recommended that you check them regularly.